The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle Launches



This week’s special Indie Royale bundle has been assembled in collaboration with Indie Gamer Chick and is now live.

Indie Royale

She’s chosen PC versions of 8 of the best games from Xbox Live Indie Games for you: Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators, Little Racers STREET, Spyleaks & Orbitron: Revolution.

Indie Royale

Indie Royale

All the games are available from Desura with Dead Pixels also available on Steam. Those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle will also get 3 albums from Gavin Harrison, a hugely respected composer of game music. The albums are the Gunslugs, Neoteria & INC game sound tracks and, with 2 additional tracks, are available in MP3 and FLAC format.

Indie Royale

Here’s what Indie Gamer Chick has to say about putting this bundle together:

Hey, you! The indie game connoisseur reading this. You’ve been missing out, and you don’t even know it. I was missing out too, until I became Indie Gamer Chick. You see, there’s a platform on the Xbox Live Marketplace called Xbox Live Indie Games. XBLIG should be cherished as the first self-publishing platform on a major game console. Instead, it has a reputation of being full of less-than-quality games. It’s not an entirely unearned reputation. But since November of 2008, XBLIG has played host to some of the most creative and innovative game developers on the indie scene. In fact, if you’re a regular patron of Indie Royale, you’ve already encountered many developers and games that got their start on XBLIG.

That’s why I’m here today; to present you with eight PC ports of the best Xbox Live Indie Games ever made. Two years ago, I started reviewing XBLIGs at my blog, Indie Gamer Chick. This community has been amazing to me, and I owe them a debt that I can never pay back. I’m not always nice to their games, but this community has shown a commitment to creativity and a desire to improve. They are indie gaming’s future superstars. As the sun sets on this current generation, and the community goes their separate ways, this is one last chance to show that they were here and they were important to the indie scene. This is what you’ve been missing out on. These are my boys. I’m Indie Gamer Chick, and this is my bundle.


You can find more information on The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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