The Humble Indie Bundle 8



The Humble Indie Bundle is back with their 8th main bundle and as always it’s jammed pack with some amazing indie classics with a pay what you want price scheme.

Humble Indie Bundle 8 is here to stir up your day with seven unbelievable games!

Pay what you want for Dear Esther, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Thomas Was Alone, and Little Inferno. If you choose to pay over the average, you’ll also receive Hotline Miami and Proteus! This bundle also includes some fantastic soundtracks for your listening pleasure!


Each of these DRM-free games works on Windows, Mac, and Linux and can be optionally redeemed on Steam (if your purchase is $1 or more). A mountain of soundtracks in lossless (FLAC) and MP3 formats are also joining the fun! Linux users have the option to redeem select games through the Ubuntu Software Center.


Bundle buyers can also choose to benefit two amazing non-profits doing excellent work for gamers worldwide: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity. With your help, we’ve already raised over $12 million for charity!

This fistful of games would normally cost you over $90, but we’re letting you set your price! Head to the site now and pay what you want for a fresh, heaping pile of games and soundtracks!

Humble Indie Bundle 8 will only be live for two weeks, so click here to grab your own bundle before time runs out!

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