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Stolen Coach’s Green Light Bundle has become live and is offering a total of eight great indie games for those who want to jump in and start playing. Why name the bundle Green Light? Well, from Stolen Coach themselves “The Green Light Bundle launched on August 23rd, exactly one week prior to the community driven approval system Steam Greenlight (TM) goes live. With Steam Greenlight gamers can vote for games they want to be made available on the Steam Store. By showcasing these amazing games the games will get the exposure needed to kickstart their Steam Greenlight (TM) campaign, and thus increasing their chances of getting onto the Steam Store.” So hopefully, with the exposure kickstarted from this bundle, the games may find their way to Steam quickly!

The Green Light Bundle puts eight great indie games into one bundle. Gamers can decide for themselves what price they are willing to pay for this bundle. The developers are doing so in the hope that their games will soon be available on the Steam Store.

The Green Light Bundle celebrates the launch of Steam Greenlight (TM) by making these games available for both PC & Mac. Like many other developers we too have had trouble trying to get our games onto Steam. The launch of Steam Greenlight (TM) gives every developer an equal chance of getting their games onto the Steam Store. With the Green Light Bundle we want to highlight some amazing games not yet available on Steam. As mentioned before the Green Light Bundle contains eight great indie games.

A percentage of the revenue from the bundle will be made available to the Green Light Fund. This fund is meant to support struggling talented developers by using the money to partially finance the development of their games. This will help ensure the development of even more great indie games in the future. Developers can apply through the Green Light Bundle website.

So, to find out more about the games involved and purchase the bundle itself, head over to

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