Summer Uprising III


Today marks the start of Summer Uprising III, the annual pretty-much-official festival of quality Xbox Live Indie development. To start the promotion, which sees a top quality indie game making the service each day is qrth-phyl from Hermit Games. The gaming schedule is live and features a very varied, very good collection of games which are well worth their small asking fees.

Welcome to the Indie Games Uprising III! Our goal is to promote Xbox Live Indie Games in the best light possible by showcasing the diversity, talent, and potential of the platform as a whole.

As a community, we’ve picked what is believed to be some of the titles which best represent our platform. In the coming weeks they will be released to the public for you to enjoy just as we have. Be sure to try some of the other outstanding games available within the Indie catalog, and remember: this is a community driven experience and it relies heavily on you and your support. If you like what you see, rate the title accordingly and spread the good word!

To find out more about Summer Uprising III and to find out about what games feature when, just head over to the Summer Uprising website.

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