Steam’s Greenlight Starts Charging


Steam’s Greenlight is a wonderful thing. So good in theory; passing the torch from Steam’s administrative team to the community, allowing them to pick and choose what games make it onto the Steam service, with all the press, exposure and sales that come along with it. Unfortunately, almost immediately the collection of games on Greenlight started to fill with ‘joke’ entries, such as Minecraft and Half Life 3. This, on top of the fact the Greenlight system’s still brand new and still in its teething stages make it hard to find a collection of games you’re genuinely interested in amongst pages of joke and shovelware.

With this in mind, Steam have made their first change to Greenlight and are charging users $100 to post a project. The proceeds are all going to the charity Child’s Play and the charge process is simply to help thin the heard and reduce the noise – Projects all ready posted will not be charged.

The first of many changes for Steam’s Greenlight, but certainly a platform to be keeping an eye on and showing some support towards some fantastic games.

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