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Squids Odyssey summed up into a sentence is essentially a fast paced strategy RPG with cephalopods. The games premise and fortunately the game itself is fun, different and beautifully presented.

Telling the story of a group of cephalopod’s battle against an infectious ooze, the gameplay of Squids Odyssey hides real depth beneath its pick up and play charm. Moving your party around the various battle maps plays very much like a top down angry birds – use the joystick or stylus to pull back your character and simply let go (or press ‘A’ if using the joystick) to catapult them in your chosen direction. The depth comes with each character’s stamina bar – giving you the ability for around two full swings, or a few smaller ones to move your characters each turn. Attacking is as simple as bumping into an enemy, but with the rebound physics and attack damage being affected by the power of your swings, along with environmental hazards to deal with and avoid there is far more depth to the games mechanics than you’ll initially expect.

Even more depth comes to the games mechanics by the introduction of different character classes, each with a special move associated with that class. Each character can be levelled up, or have their attributes enhanced by wearing class specific hats. Levelling up and hat purchasing is done by collecting pearls scattered around the levels. Fortunately the pearls come thick and fast and the Wii-U version does not have any form of in-app purchasing (for all those who dread every time they see a ‘shop’ in a game).

Squids Odyssey feature’s fantastic all round presentation, gorgeous graphics and a bright, colourful art style. Each character individually stands out while equally fitting into one of the games set classes. Although the graphics may appear to be focused at the younger audience, the superb well humoured writing makes the game suitable for any age and makes the game a fantastic experience to share with younger players. Saying that, the difficulty can spike widly between the games 90 odd levels which could leave some younger players frustrated.

The game feels at its most intuitive when playing purely on the Wii-U’s gamepad screen, which with the pick up and play nature of the game promises that the upcoming 3DS version of the game will perfectly suited. The game looks fantastic on the big screen though and navigating the levels and aiming the hardest shots become that much easier with the bigger screen.

Squids Odyssey is one of the eShop’s gems. Charming, beautiful and incredibly well presented throughout, Squids Odyssey is a perfect match for Nintendo fans. Like Combo Crew before it, Squids Odyssey hides a surprisingly amount of depth behind a simple concept and we can’t wait to see what The Game Bakers come up with next.


+ Beautifully presented
+ Great fun
+ Lots of depth
- Difficulty spikes
– Sluggish menu navigation

4 / 5 stars     

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