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Wadjet-Eye Games have shown time and time again that they know what a good adventure game looks like. The Shivah: Kosher Edition is a remastered 2006 point and click adventure game, featuring an embittered rabbi who has been accused of murder. As someone who is rather ignorant of themes related to the Jewish faith, it was genuinely interesting to learn a bit more about it. It was a great portrayal of faith in a game, not preaching or requiring vast knowledge of the subject, but still there, and showing a unique and respectful insight into the Jewish way of life.

Subtle differences are something that The Shivah is very good at delivering. During conversations, you are typically given three ways to give a response; direct/confrontational, calm and Rabbinical – responding to a question with another question. These lead to various reactions, and choosing the wrong one in the wrong situation can lead to the rabbi’s death, or arrest. Thankfully there is an auto-save feature, so you are not sent back too far behind and left much more willing to experiment.

The game can be surprisingly difficult with its puzzles, even from the first puzzle you come across. The game does not give you a helping hand, so instead you will have to use your keen senses and intuition to find a resolution. While you only receive up to three items in your inventory, the greatest tip is to always inspect them – as you will need all the additional information found from further exception. Thankfully the puzzles are not unfathomable, but just require a bit of ingenuity and detective skills – something avid adventure players are sure to like.

If you have played a Wadjet-Eye Games title before, you know what to expect in the graphics and music department.  There are crisp, clean and beautiful pixel backgrounds and characters with good animation, giving life to the story and being a joy to see. The music was beautiful and varied, really echoing the sense of sorrow and desperation in the synagogue and the sense of urgency during the fight scenes – simply amazing compositions. The voice acting is generally great and exactly what you expect from a Wadjet Eye Game. In fact, you may recognise the main characters voice if you have played other Wadjet-Eye games before – this was originally his debut role as a voice actor!

The game is relatively short as it will only last a couple of hours at most, but you do get one fantastic adventure game out of it. There are multiple endings too, which adds to the replay value should you wish to see them all. For only $4.99, The Shivah: Kosher Edition is a terrific buy.


+ Great music / visuals
+ Interesting dialogue
– Very short
– Difficulty spikes

4.5 / 5 stars     

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