Resonance Getting Steam Release


Wadget Eye Games have announced that Resonance, the upcoming sci-fi point and click game from Xii Games and being published by Wadget Eye Games will be their very first game to get a simultaneous steam release.

So if you haven’t already heard me exclaim the news all over Twitter and Facebook, you’re hearing it here: Resonance is coming to Steam.

This is very exciting news for us. We have other games on Steam, true, but this is the very first time that we’ve gotten accepted by them before launch. This allows us to plan out the Steam features ahead of time, instead of shoving them in later. Part of my job now is to put achievements into the game, and so far I’ve made 40 of them. I got a bit carried away. So suffice to say, if you are an achievement collector you will find a lot to keep you happy.

Oh, and the game is going up for pre-order next Thursday. I’ll be breaking my bi-weekly newsletter schedule to make the official announcement.

As mentioned above, the game is going up for preorder next Thursday, the 17th May. You can find out more about Resonance over at Xii Games.

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