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We don’t make a habit of promoting kickstarter games that have all ready met their funding target and certainly not those that are approaching quadrupling their target. In fact, it’s never happened. However, Radio the Universe is looking so full of talent that it’s certainly worthy of some promotion. The more funding means the more support and content the game gets and with what we’ve seen so far, that’s certainly a good thing.

Radio the Universe promises to be something different. 6e6e6e wants to, in create something beautiful, melancholy, and evocative. A game that, of course, is fun to play, but also imparts a special, maybe surreal, experience to the player – A game that can feel a bit “off”.

An unnamed protagonist whiles away aeons in deep, solitudinous sleep. She watches the tides in sunstruck dreams of an empty shore, patiently waiting for her life to end.

Alone in a skyless and desolate labyrinth-city , there isn’t much else to do.

But then…

  • Challenging gameplay. Hectic combinations of environmental hazards, platforming, and lethal enemies reward players who assess, strategize, and stay attentive.
  • Mindful level design. The player’s experience is managed by a carefully-paced series of dangers and savepoints.
  • A somber and expansive open-world connecting many areas in a network of pathways and shortcuts. Hidden areas and optional content encourage exploration.
  • Hand drawn cut-scenes help illustrate the vast and desolate setting of the game.
  • A “module-based” character progression system. Players obtain and arrange upgrade pieces on a grid in configurations of their preference, with certain patterns granting additional abilities or bonuses.

The art and style look gorgeous – As previously mentioned, Radio the Universe has all ready reached its goal – But if you want to show your support, or get a preorder in you can head over to the Radio the Universe kickstarter.

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