Project Zomboid on Steam’s Greenlight


The forever hungry for brains Indiestone have announced the zombie sandbox game Project Zomboid has got its on Steam Greenlight scheme. What’s Steam’s Greenlight scheme? In simple terms, a community voting scheme where the Steam community vote for what games will hit Steam next. So, to put it simply – With enough votes Project Zomboid will hit Steam. Which will certainly be good news, both for us gamers who like an A-Z list of their game collections & for Indiestone for the increase exposure and revenue a Steam release would bring.

Here is our brand new Steam Greenlight page.

We’ll continue adding to this as we go, but if you would like PZ to be on Steam, or even if you personally don’t want to play the game on Steam but would like to help support us to help developing the game faster and to a higher quality, please vote for us by clicking the Rate button (and possibly Favourite too? ;D) under the screens/videos.

We know it’s been an up and down year, but feel with this Steam Greenlight announcement, and our initiatives to polish up the game and expand the team, with the power of Steam behind us we will be able to take PZ much further, develop the game much faster and reach many more people. Thanks for your support!

So, if you want to see Project Zomboid on Steam (or just want to help the guys behind it!), head over to the Project Zomboid Greenlight page and get voting!

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