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Primordia, is an upcoming cyberpunk-themed adventure game, following the journey of a robot named Horatio, and his sarcastic float-bot friend: Crispin. Set in a devastated world, Horatio and his side-kick prefer to live the solitary life, until a unit they need for survival- their power core, is stolen from them. They embark on a mission to retrieve their possession, only to have their lives changed forever.

The full game expands on the scenery and turns the story into a gripping tale that you cannot leave unfinished. This game doesn’t disappoint. Horatio and Crispin’s quest sees them in a city full of robots, each with their own characteristics and personalities. The  spectacular world is introduced at a steady pace, and filled with interesting details that make it  feel alive with history. The game examines several key themes, such as religion, morality and control and such themes are handled exceptionally – adding to the depth of the world and characters,  enticing you to find out more. Furthermore, there are several different endings to the game and the ‘happy’ ending in my playthrough  was more than satisfying due to it’s length, positive conclusion and various scenes.

The voice acting is top notch, which is as expected from a Wadjet Eye Games title (and with a few familiar voices from previous games too!). The main characters have deep and interesting histories and motives, and it is easy to form attachments to them. In addition there are a handful of humourous side characters there to make you laugh, give you information, or set up a puzzle.

Adventure games are, of course,  incomplete without the puzzles. The creators focused on player ingenuity and logical thinking when it came to their puzzle making, and it shows. it is satisfying figuring out what items fit together and unlike some adventure games  you are not trial-and-error combining One of my favourite puzzles was figuring out a long-digit number, based on several small clues. If you ever find yourself wondering what to do, or are stuck on a difficult puzzle, you can always talk to your sidekick, Crispin, who generally gives some advice that nudges you to the next objective or clue. Don’t rely on him too  much though or  he comments on how he seems to be doing all the work!

The art style is beautiful, you can tell how much hard work was put into all of the various hand-drawn areas, as well as the sprites and animations that go with them. From the empty and sad wastelands, to the bustling city, the art emits emotions and feelings which, when aided by the brilliantly composed music brings the game to life.

In conclusion, Primordia does a lot of things right. High quality characters, intriguing story, emotive art and good music all combine to make an outstanding game.  It feels like the world has a bit more to give, and even more interesting places and robots to visit. The writing is excellent, and themes handled excellently, truly adding much to the experience. Whilst the beginning of the game can seem slow to get going Primordia is an excellent game that stands up well, and is a perfect gift for any Adventure game enthusiast. You do not have to be a fan of the cyberpunk genre to be a fan of Primordia.

+ Great visuals
+ Excellent use of themes, interesting world
+ Fantastic voice acting
-  Slow start to the game
-  But you’ll wish it was longer once it hits it stride


You can download the Primordia Demo and purchase Primordia over at


4 / 5 stars     

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