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Being huge adventure game fans, it’s no surprise that Wadjet Eye Games have a big following at Creative Gaming. Being the only team member not to have played a Wadget Eye Game, I jumped at the chance to preview their latest game, Primordia with a pair of fresh eyes.

Primordia, as mentioned, is an upcoming adventure game – with a cyberpunk setting. You play as a solitary robot named Horatio, who is followed by his best (and only) friend: the sarcastic floating Crispin. Your adventure starts when a mysterious but obviously sinister robot steals the power core of Horatio and Crispin’s home. In danger of running out of energy, you have to quickly fix the emergency power source, and find a new power core before it is too late.

The characters of Horatio and Crispin are certainly memorable, a great thing, since you will be spending the majority of the game with them. The voice actors did a fantastic job of breathing life into the robots. The writing is of a superb quality, with both the main and sub characters really standing out to help make the game memorable.

Adventure games are not complete without the puzzles. The ones I got to play through showed that ingenuity and logical thinking is what the creators are focused on. Figuring out what items fit together is very satisfying, and you are not left trial-and-error combining. If you ever find yourself wondering what to do, you can ask Crispin for advice, helping you to get back on track or nudging you to the next objective or clue – a brilliant feature to help the frustration levels while playing low.

The art style is beautiful, you can tell how much hard work was put into all of the various hand-drawn areas, as well as the sprites and animations that go with them. The colours may not be bright and pastel, but they would obviously not fit the theme of a cyberpunk wasteland. The art, combined with the music and voice overs, do a great job bringing the atmosphere, transporting you into the world that they have created.

My preview ended after securing a secondary power source, but I am all ready intrigued to know what happens next to these two robots. The main characters are incredibly well written and I am confident that this will carry through to the full retail release. I can certainly see why the rest of the team are hooked on Wadjet Eye Games; they have a true knack of publishing (and making!) some truly astounding adventure games and Primordia is certainly looking to be up there with the best of them.

Wormwood Studios’ Primordia is being published by Wadjet Eye Games, and is scheduled for a Q4 2012 release. To find out more, you can visit Primordia’s Official Website.

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