Pregnancy Review



Pregnancy is a short game about a very difficult and controversial topic. Lilla Sandor, a young Hungarian girl, has just found out that she is pregnant from her rapist. She is understandably traumatised by these events, and now has to wade through her confusing thoughts and societal pressures and come to terms with what she wants to do with the foetus growing inside her.

The subject is a difficult one, but I praise the developer for exposing the issue to the gaming community. The gameplay however is very minimal, essentially just a story with a few multiple choices for the player to give advice to Lilla, with all the writing juxtaposed on a single image. The player acts as a conscience for Lilla, and can influence her decisions although she ultimately decides on her own. The game concludes with a TellTale Game style ending, showing your choices and the choices other players have made, and then giving websites for both the pro-life and pro-choice debates.

There are a few spelling and grammar mistakes, which is quite disappointing as there are no other mechanics to the game, although I can appreciate that English may not be the developer’s first language. The writing is also not very consistent, for a powerful topic, I would hope to become more attached to the characters.

Overall though, if you can look past the faults of the writing and lack of mechanics, you will find an interesting title, certainly to spark up a debate.

3.5 / 5 stars     

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