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Don’t you wish there was a way to have a collection of free games on all in one place? Or a way to play classic Abandonware titles without the complexity of setting up Dosbox or the like? How about playing, installing and uninstalling the games all with a click of a button? Well, all those things (and more) are possible with JogoBox. And it all looks pretty too.

JogoBox is the easiest way to play the best free games. Browse through your favourite game categories and choose from our selection of thousands of free games. Manage your games collection in your personal games library, so you’ll always be able to retrieve that one funny game you used to play.

JogoBox not only features the newest browser games, but also fully installable PC games.

Whether you are looking for the newest Flash games or want to return to the golden age of classic PC gaming, in JogoBox you’ll find the perfect games and install them in no time.

Can’t find your favourite game? Keep an eye on the welcome page, because new games are added to JogoBox on a daily basis!

Whether you like princesses, puzzles or pirates, action, adventure or animals, with JogoBox you’ll always find a game that suits your play style!

You don’t like pesky registration forms and personal accounts? Don’t worry! JogoBox likes to keep things easy for you and we don’t like unpleasant surprises either: simply install the free application to begin playing!

Sounds good! To find out more and to download the app, it’s as simple as heading over to .

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