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Pixelry is a very charming game. In it, you play a simple peasant boy, who dreams of entering the king’s contest, in order to marry the beautiful princess. A simple premise, for a relatively simple game, but there is a lot of fun packed in there too.

As the name suggests, the art style is pixel-based, leading to bright, but beautiful, graphics, that are quite pleasing to the eye. Additionally, you are able to design your own (pixelated) emblem – an enjoyable way to add your own unique mark to the game, and I am sure there are some people who would be able to create some really nice ones too.

I found the actual horse combat surprisingly challenging. You have to position your shield to protect yourself from your enemy’s spear, while aiming your own to penetrate him, all the while making sure your horse is at a good speed. This can be quite hard to do in the beginning, but is fun once you get used to it. There are also two minigames that you can play to earn money, one of them being at the shop, where you sort through potions, and another where you race your horse. These games are also good in their own light, and I for one would settle for being a shopkeeper’s assistant instead of a prince!

Overall, Pixelry is a cute game, full of a lot of fun, but not somewhere where you will find a thrilling plot or plenty of depth. However, if you have been wanting an enjoyable game to spend time on every now and then, Pixelry is the game for you!

+ Cute graphics
+ Fun gameplay
- Can be difficult to grasp at first

Pixelry will be going to Kickstarter to find further funding so that the full release version can be realized as soon as possible. Everyone who purchases the alpha version will receive the full version when it becomes available.

Check it out at IndieGameStand!

3.5 / 5 stars     

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