OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console


What’s the most attractive thing about mobile game development? Low costs? Smaller development time frames? Small teams? Readily available support? It goes on and on, so it’s not surprising the amount of games hitting the mobile app stores. Imagine all of these developers being let loose on a home console, with the console being available for under $100 and the games being free. That’s exactly what the OUYA, a “new kind of games console” aims to do.

Based on the Android OS, OUYA will have access to the many thousands of games all ready available for the platform and wants to get some 1st party games on board as well. Considering we’re a day into their kickstarter campaign and all ready over $2 million has been raised, a number of gamers like the idea of a truly open console too!

You can find out more about OUYA and preorder a console over at the OUYA Kickstarter page.

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