Nuclear Unicorn Force Released!


We’re almost a week late to the party for this one (sorry!) but finally you can satisfy your Unicorn bloodlust as Nuclear Unicorn Force is out and ready to be consumed by the princess vampire lovers everywhere.

In Excelsis Studios is proud to unveil its very first title, the anime-themed shmup Nuclear Unicorn Force, available for Windows PCs. The game is currently available for $3.99 directly from the developer’s website and will soon be made available through online marketplaces such as Desura, pending final approval.
Nuclear Unicorn Force follows the story of vampire princess Lillia Fang as an army of militarized nuclear unicorns drops a nuke on her castle, initiating an all-out war. The player controls Lillia through a series of frenzied stages, using her blood-sucking powers and summonable allies to annihilate the upstart unicorns. Major features include:
–    Over 30 stages in a wide variety of environments
–    Many ferocious bosses with multiple forms and varied attack patterns
–    Summon various allies with weapons ranging from magic fireballs to particle cannons
–    Adjustable difficulty and starting lives to appeal to a range of skill levels
–    Quirky, flavorful story with full voice acting and anime-style cutscenes

The Nuclear Unicorn Force is invading. Are you ready? Official website:

I previewed Nuclear Unicorn Force back in May and pointed out how fun it was to play. The fun’s only increased in the finished build so I certainly recommend jumping over to In Excelsis Studios and picking the game up!

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