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Please note: This is a preview and as such the game is a work in progress.

James Walker, of In Excelsis Studios has recently let me play his upcoming game Nuclear Unicorn Force. In Nuclear Unicorn Force you play as Lillia Fang, princess of the magical Lollipop Kingdom who in order to live has to drink the blood of unicorns. No, I didn’t make any of that up.

Nuclear Unicorn Force plays as a bullet hell shoot ‘em up with a storyline which is very tongue in (Unicorn) cheek. What is immediately obvious when playing Nuclear Unicorn Force is its Eastern influence. From the anime-like story and characters, to the interactive novel like story scenes – Nuclear Unicorn Force feels like it was plucked straight from Japan. Most importantly, James Walker hasn’t forgotten to make the game fun. The game is approximately 4 months away from being finished and even at this stage, Nuclear Unicorn Force is very, very fun – and is bound to get more so by time of release.

The highlight of Nuclear Unicorn Force is certainly the combat. Lillia Fang is a vampire who relies on her blood sucking powers to survive. This means getting close to the enemies to suck their blood, while the constantly draining blood meter ensures you’re actively encouraged not only to dodge the many bullets on screen but actively head towards them to stay alive. You eventually gain offensive abilities in the form of  Lillia ‘s allies but the main blood sucking gameplay is an interesting risk\reward mechanic that truly keeps things interesting.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Nuclear Unicorn Force & actively encourage you to head over to In Excelsis Studios and check out the demo. In Excelsis Studios are also running a kickstarter campaign which if successful will fund the composition of an original soundtrack as well as additional graphics. in Excelsis Studios is aiming to release Nuclear Unicorn Force this September for PC and slightly later for XBLIG.

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