Murder Files Free until December 31st



Christmas has come early for adventure game fans. The fantastic Murder Files is available for free, or pay-what-you-like charity donation for the whole of this month. Bearing in mind it’s a brilliant adventure game and a previous best seller on both the iOS and PSN stores, it’s certainly a festive gift worth opening.

Independent games developer Relentless today announced that the original PC version of Murder Files is now available as a “pay what you want” download from

Users can select any price from a completely FREE version to whatever they wish to pay and Relentless will donate 20% of all net receipts to GamesAid. This offer is open until December 31st 2013.

Andrew Eades, CEO, commented: “Murder Files has been a huge success on PSN, iOS and Kindle Fire already so we wanted to offer it again to PC players. But we didn’t want price to be a blocker for people. We also saw an opportunity to raise some money for GamesAid by allowing people to pay if they want. It’s an experiment as much as anything but I hope more people get to enjoy our games like this in future.”

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