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Moebius is one of the next upcoming titles that Phoenix Online Studios are releasing. If you have played their previous game, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller you will feel at home with both the graphics and gameplay. Although the two titles share similarities, the first change you’ll notice between the titles is that the central character Malachi does not have the post-cognition powers that Erica has and instead is armed with both photographic memory and smart wit.

Malachi Rector is an antiques dealer, who is able to use his photographic memory to aid in his appraisal of certain artefacts. A mysterious organisation discoverers his abilities and agrees to pay Malachi  a substantial amount of money for his aid in their investigation of a murdered noblewoman in Venice.

Unlike other detective adventures, Malachi is not looking for the killers of the victim. Instead, he is finding out about her life, and trying to find out if she resembles another important woman from history. After travelling around Venice, discovering information about the tragic event that happened, you compare the victims life story with past figures, eliminating the ones that don’t fit.

This unique feature is a great puzzle element and you can begin it as soon as you discover a few key pieces of information. This allows you to get a vague idea of who she could resemble, and urges you on to find out more about her life. Additionally, it is very fun and informative learning more about the characters history, and you feel a great sense of achievement once you solve the mystery and discover who it resembles.

Mystery solving is only one aspect to the game. As Malachi is an antiques dealer, the second chapter of my playthrough was about Malachi appraising an important object from a shady dealer. The night before his appointment, he decides to find out more about the dealer.

The pace of the game is brilliantly designed. There is just the right mix of action, puzzle solving and exploring, making sure you are never overwhelmed or bored. The game also features an amazing atmosphere, together with a great soundtrack composed by Robert Holmes. The backdrops are breathtaking especially combined with the wonderful music that plays, always making you feel right there in the scene. The dialogue is also well written, and the voice acting equally superb. Together this conveys that a lot of thought and passion has gone into the design.

If you haven’t been able to tell already, I am greatly impressed with Jane Jensen’s Moebius, and am very excited for its release. I can’t wait to see what the full game brings.

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