Metal Gear HD Vita Releases On PSN For £19.99


Tomorrow see’s the PAL release of the Metal Gear HD Collection, the bundle of Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3. The good news is the price point – It’s hitting the PSN for just £19.99, which for a new Playstation Vita game (albeit ‘old’ PS2 games) is pretty reasonable, even beating some online retailers.




Snake’s beginning. Raiden’s beginning. METAL GEAR SOLID’s beginning.

The stories that cover all origins have arrived on the PS Vita!

MGS3 is set in America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War and tells the story of Naked Snake (who later becomes ‘BIG BOSS’) and his legendary mission which is to become his origin and takes place during an ever changing political period (SCENE).

The underlying theme of MGS2 is MEME (Cultural Genes) and its deep story shows a glimpse of a history yet to be through the battles of Solid Snake and new FOXHOUND member Raiden, and the repeated threats of terorrism they must deal with.

As with parent to child, so is the METAL GEAR saga passed on to the next generation in this colletion, through tales that span half a century.

For those who haven’t heard of Metal Gear (!), you can check out the Playstation Blog for more information.

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