Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Review



The final of the Mass Effect single player downloadable content is here. This means an ending to Commander Shepard’s stories, a journey that began in 2007. No matter what you think of the ending (and the controversy it caused) of the trilogy, the experience up to that point was generally wonderful.

I had a few gripes about Mass Effect 3, one of them being the amount of “auto-dialogue” and the limited selection of lines to choose from. This felt very different from the first two games, which allowed three different options on almost every conversation. I was hoping that in this final dlc, they would bring back some of that old magic. While there were still instances of auto-dialogue and two-choice options, there were actually options to investigate, and find out more, which was a welcoming sight.

During the main game, it felt like some romance options had more effort put into them than others. Players who romanced Liara certainly got a much better experience than those who went after Jacob Taylor. In my ‘main’ playthrough, I romanced Garrus Vakarian, and was generally very pleased with how the scenes played out, and since he has been a squadmate for my Shepard in every single situation, there has always been a close connection between them.

The dlc promised to bring more scenes focused around the love interest, and if your interest was someone who was in the final crew selection of the Normandy, you won’t be disappointed. There are many sweet scenes to enjoy, throughout the main content of the dlc, and afterwards. Unfortunately if your romance interest is not part of your main crew, you will miss out on a bit.

The story of the dlc is not to be taken seriously. The plot is quite cliché and it is easy to predict what is going to happen – to the point that occasionally it seems like Bioware got ideas from fanfiction. However, the dialogue is great, and full of humour. There were multiple times where I laughed out loud, and enjoyed myself. The combat sections were really fun (and an old friend even temporarily joins the crew again!), and the scenery was amazing, they did a great job. It is unfortunate that you have to almost ignore a couple of plot points and poke fun at the absurdity (Party just before saving the universe?), but if you go in looking for one last fun adventure with your crew, that’s what you’ll get.

The dlc also introduces a new area to explore in the citadel. This area includes tons of mini-games, from arcade games to combat simulators to gambling. They are great fun to play, and allow you to spend your amassing credits. Being able to play and enjoy what the galaxy has to offer is great, and it allows you to immerse yourself into the universe once again.

Overall, the final dlc for Mass Effect 3 is one big fanservice package. If you are able to forget about the nonsensical ending, or even why Shepard and crew are off partying while millions are dying to the Reapers, you get to have a fantastic time with your crew – the characters that we have all grown to love from this series. It saddens me that we will no longer have any more time with Shepard, Liara, Garrus, Tali or Joker, but this was a good way to say farewell, once and for all, to Commander Shepard.

+ Around 3 hours of fun content, with great replayability
+ A fitting final journey with the crew
- Some ME2 members didn’t get much screen time
- The predictable nature of some point plots

4 / 5 stars     

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