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I was recently approached by Rising Star Games who asked to review their latest addition ‘The Marvellous Miss Take’; being a massive fan of Rising Star previous games I jumped at the chance and this is what I discovered.

What is The Marvellous Miss Take you ask? Well as the cleverly worded title suggests and to put it incredibly simply, this is a game in which you are required to take things. But alas this game is so much more than that. Staring Sophia Take, a rightful heir to a once marvellous art collection which has been ‘unscrupulously poached’ and split to different collectors; you must help Sophia Take (and friends) reclaim what is hers. But this is not as easy as it seems, with security guards, cameras and onlookers determined to thwart you in your tracks. You must use all you brain power and quick on-you-feet thinking to be able take your prize possessions and escape unseen.

Of course looting highly valued items must be done in style and Sophia herself looks nothing short of fabulous with her stylish and chic outfits and of course not forgetting the necessary eye mask for complete facial disguise.

The Marvellous Miss Take is a lovely refreshing take on a long-standing genre but with subtle differences which push this game to forefront. The guards do not have repetitive patterns you can simply learn; it is both invigorating and daunting to solely rely on only your wits to get you through the puzzles the environment and guards provide. However all is not lost as you do get a helping hand in the form of gadgetry; the rightly used gadgetry can work wonders.

The game play is smart and sleek and the extra game characters add to the diversity of the game. You get to meet both Henry and Daisy who help you along the way. There are also many extras in the game, you can try and steal more treasures than required and after completing a level as Sophia you can replay the levels but playing as the other characters and using their strengths and weaknesses to complete the level in a different manner. Over time the guards get harder and there are more of them, a fair few hours could be clocked up playing this game.

The Marvellous Miss Take uses a top-down game style and the graphics are easy on the eye whilst detailed and colour enriched. There could be more dialogue and humour in the game and the plot itself could be more enriched, however the Marvellous Miss Take is a fine example of what this genre can offer.

Some players may not appreciate the lack of planning in the game required to complete levels, the Marvellous miss Take is not by any means a hardcore stealth game. It can be completed by a quick on-you-feet thinking approach. This can be perceived as a positive and negative by different gamers but certainly a positive for this reviewer.

All in all I would advise any lover of this style of game to purchase the Marvellous Miss Take now!

 + Great design
 + Enjoyable puzzle-stealth gameplay
 – Not enough additional characters
 – Not for hardcore stealth gamers



4.5 / 5 stars     

Claire is the editor for Creative Gaming and the occasional reviewer. She's a big fan of point and click adventures and visual novels - So whenever one comes up for review, chances are she's on it.

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