Mage’s Initiation Demo



The kickstarter campaign for has under one week left to go, the great news being that the goal has been met and now it’s a matter of hitting the stretch goals to get even more feature rich content into the game.

The team is closing out their campaign with a special treat: an early demo, playable by all! The demo download link is in this Kickstarter update:

This demo provides a very early look at Mage’s Initiation, based on the current alpha build. As such, it may have some bugs and is lacking a few features that will appear in the finished game — it’s very much a work in progress! Besides giving backers and potential backers a peek behind the curtain, the team is hoping to gather feedback about the interface and combat system that will inform the game’s development moving forward.

 is a hybrid adventure / RPG in the style of Sierra’s old Quest for Glory games. The game is conceived by an indie team responsible for several high-quality remakes of Sierra’s King’s Quest and Quest for Glory games ( The Kickstarter launched on February 19 and reached its $65k goal less than two weeks later.

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