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Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure aka Little Big Adventure in PAL territories has made it over to mobile devices thanks to great people at DotEmu. Originally released to critical acclaim two decades ago in 1994 for PC and the original PlayStation by game design legend Frederick Raynal (Also known for Alone in the Dark), can this classic still feel relevant 20 years later?

Little Big Adventure was one of my favourite playstation games. It featured a unique control system where you could put the lead character Twinsen, into four different modes – normal, aggressive, sneaky and sporty. You would fight in aggressive, run and jump in sporty and interact and investigate in normal mode. As you can imagine, this was a clunky system with a controller and would have been near unplayable on mobile in its natural form.

Fortunately, DotEmu have updated the controls in a very clever way – You can simply touch where you want Twinsen to go, investigate or attack and he will. The pathfinding for this control method has been continuingly enhanced since release but unfortunately still isn’t perfect – There are occasions, especially when you need to act fast, where Twinsen will run into walls instead of around them or casually walk himself of a cliff into insta-death water. These are frustrating experiences but fortunately are coming less of an issue with DotEmu’s continued to support.

Controllers (iOS 7, MOGA, M.O.J.O, SHIELD, etc) are now supported and are definitely the best control method available. Playing the game on the Nvidia Shield feels very natural and the new control method (an aggressive\stealthy\sporty\interact button rather than mode) plays better than the original.

DotEmu’s Little Big Adventure is for a particular type of player. Those who want to replay a fondly remembered game, or play it for the first time knowing that it’s a 20 year old game will get far more enjoyment out of it than modern gamers going in blind. Little Big Adventure got many things right and added to the adventure genre massively but it is still two decades old. Objectives aren’t always clear, the difficulty spikes relentlessly and the graphics certainly show their age in places.

Taking everything into account, Little Big Adventure is undeniably still a fantastic game and DotEmu have released a brilliant port of it. Not only that, but every update DotEmu have released so far genuinely adds to the game and goes far to address fans suggestions. DotEmu have added to a classic without taking anything away and I would love to see what they could do with LBA’s amazing sequel.

+ Classic game, improved.
+ Constantly improving with DotEmu’s support
+ New control schemes
- Awkward pathfinding
- Occasional glitches


 You can now purchase Little Big Adventure on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

4 / 5 stars     

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