Last Push: Forced


Back at the beginning of the month we featured Forced as our Kickstarter Focus. Well, they’re getting a bit extra exposure as they’ve only got a couple of days to go and a few thousand less to raise – And as Kickstarter rules states, if you can’t raise your target you don’t receive anything. Forced really does look more worthwhile the time it’ll take to go through their Kickstarter and if you like what you see please show your support.

FORCED is a brand new gladiator combat-game, based on tactical cooperative 2-4 player gameplay either locally or online (also includes full single player game). Enslaved and forced to fight in mysterious arenas, the players must survive trial after trial, or face the consequences of their new power mongering master. The more they survive the more they learn about the dreadful purpose of the arenas. Their only ally is their mysterious mentor whose spirit is trapped in an orb. He has no empathy for the weak, yet he often holds the key to success and spiritual growth.

Forced is currently build to be a multi platform release due early 2013. For more information and to contribute, you can check out the Forced official kickstarter page. If you cannot spare anything to contribute, it’s also worth mentioned they are currently trying to get greenlit for Steam which you can vote for free.

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