Kickstarter: Pray For Dark


Pray For Dark by Vaylr Studios is a a Psycho-Terror game which promises to put you in control of the smelly sewer shoes of a blind bounty hunter with unique skills tasked with defeating a legion of mutant beasts before they reach the city New Eden. With it’s unique steampunk design, interesting characters & a full team of talented individuals, Pray For Dark is looking to be something special.

The original concept for Pray For Darkā„¢ came from one of legendary gothic artist Brom’s past creations titled “Sewer Man”. Vaylr Studio’s creative director and lead artist, Michael Ingrassia, contacted Brom directly to pitch his story idea and discuss the possibility of building the game around it. Brom loved the idea and, following a series of meetings and discussions solidified a license agreement to use Brom’s characters in the game which we have named “Pray For Dark”. “I really felt Michael had created this entire world and story and that he should take the lead on this project,” comments Brom. “I’m happy to license my characters to this incredibly talented production team.”

Our story takes place in a vintage 1930’s art deco style infused with Edisonian technology with a steampunk flavor. Our main character is forced into resuming his past profession as a hired gun, a bounty hunter who has been unsuccessful in putting his past behind him. The city of New Eden has become a metropolis ruled with an iron fist and steeped in corruption. A legion of mutant creatures have been secretly growing in population deep below the bowels of the city, infiltrating the sewer system and now have begun breaching the surface, know as the “topside”.

Pray For Dark’s kickstarter goal is $400,000 and it has 53 days left to go. To find out more about the game, you can either check out or the Pay For Dark Kickstarter page.

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