Kickstarter: Jack Houston and the Necronauts


Warbird Games have started a Kickstarter project for their upcoming Sci-Fi point and click game Jack Houston and the Necronauts. Jack Houston and the Necronauts is a traditional point & click graphic adventure game set in an Edgar Rice Burroughs/Frank Frazetta inspired sci-fi world of bubble helmets, rockets ‘n ray guns.

The Kickstarter page offers a number of incentives for interested parties to get behind and support the project, starting from $15 for a DRM free copy of the game and early access to the beta builds. Although no screenshots are available on the kickstarter page, a number of fantastic looking concept art is, with a lot more information about the games and the people behind it.

You can find out more about Jack Houston and the Necronauts over on their kickstarter page or Warbird Games.

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