Kickstarter Focus: Super Comboman


Super Comboman is the type of game you can imagine playing just by looking at the screenshots. What’s more, when the game’s described as being “Smash Bros. meets the Marvel Vs. Capcom series as a platformer” you know it’s going to be good.

“Think Smash Bros. meets the Marvel Vs. Capcom series as a platformer where you get to customize your own combos, solves combos and collect stickers. We aim to create a game that anyone could pick up and play by mashing buttons but would allow players to do amazing things if they level up their skills.

  • Combo Chains: When an enemy is hit multiple times it creates a combo chain which has variety depending on the direction and the type of attack input. Creating chains is also based upon physics and special moves.
  • Swappable Perks: When a combo chain reaches a certain level perks are unlocked which give you extra momentum to punish enemies and traverse through the environment.
  • Customizable Combos: Collecting stickers will allow players to level up, earn new abilities and learn super moves. Moves are swapped and upgraded through the sticker inventory system.
  • Character Customization: (Stretch Goal) Collect stickers that give Struggles new mullet nuggets, hats, shoes and FANNY PACKS!
  • Sticker Store: Some stickers in game can be collected and some can be bought. Purchase new items with combo coins you collect in game and use them to buy power-ups and moves.”

The team at Interabang Entertainment need some support over at the Super Comboman Kickstarter to help get the game funded – There’s also a number of fantastic stretch goals to aim towards which will potentially allow them to add a lot to the game, so well worth checking out the Super Comboman Kickstarter today!

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