Kickstarter Focus: I-nfected: Classic Survival Horror



Old school survival horror reborn with modern game designs – Supplies and inventory are limited, camera angles are fixed, and moral choices needs to be made.

Randomly generated maps – Every layout, item, objective, camera, and spawn are randomized. Our Random Map Generator will ensure you a new experience each time.

Multiplayer, co-op – Play with up to 3 friends and survive together to complete various objectives. Play it safe by sticking together or save time by splitting up.

Are you one of those who miss the original Resident Evils, Silent Hills and Alone in the Darks? If you are, I-nfected may be something you will want to check out. I was one of those who really enjoyed Resident Evil: Outbreak, the multiplayer RE series, and this seems very reminiscent of that.

You are able to play solo or co-operatively in randomly-generated levels, with the classic survival horror design, but with modern controls. The main objective is to survive – the players are already infected, so you have to find a cure. If you take too much damage from zombies, your infection level may rise, and you may have to opt for suicide, to ensure you do not become a zombie and shift to an enemy of your friends.

A very interesting proposition! I certainly do hope that I-nfected takes off, as I have not been able to play a true survival horror game in forever. If you want to safeguard the genre, be sure to check out Creazn Studio’s kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages.

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