Kickstarter Focus: Memento Aurora Chronicles



The cute girl next door meets the playful trouble maker in a crazy anime fantasy-steampunk story RPG.

Bright Onion Studios, a Brighton based UK indie studio are running a kickstarter to raise a modest £5000 towards their upcoming fantasy-steampunk visual novel.

There is another world, nestled somewhere in the shadows between fantasy and steampunk, where banditry is a legalised profession, where the pirate code of conduct is a major religion and where grape growers engage in brutal turf wars. In this world there are pretty women dual-wielding rapiers and exasperated heroines just searching for somewhere to belong.

Welcome to the official website for Memento: Aurora Chronicles, an English Language visual novel. Memento: Aurora Chronicles is a fantasy-steampunk story taking place in an original fictional setting. The game chronicles the events surrounding Lily Clairet as she journeys through an uncertain and dangerous world.

The core team at Bright Onion Studios are doing the programming, writing and music out of their own pocket, however the beautiful art is commissioned at the Kickstarter goal is the minimum required to complete the project. Being a visual novel, the art is pretty integral to the project!

If you like the sound of the game and want to show your support you can head over to the Memento Aurora Chronicles Kickstarter page or Bright Onion Studios.

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