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Kitaru, the upcoming RPG with stealth elements currently in development for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Windows PC and Mac is getter closer it’s $25000 kickstarter goal with 12 days left to go. It is currently set for release this September 2012 and is looking fantastic. From their Kickstarter page:

Ki▪Ta▪Ru[kee-tah-roo] n. “Spirit Blood Returns”

1. Yuna folklore states after a thousand years of waiting, the return of an angel known as ‘Kita’, the promised hero, will lead them to victory over their oppressors
2. Science fiction RPG in a cyberpunk dystopia with a red-headed protagonist

Off in the Heli galaxy, on a vaguely familiar looking planet known as Sen IV, is the war-ravaged country of Taifa. Four tribal factions, known as the Four Houses, tear apart society in their struggle for money, power and control. Yuna and their mystical powers, control the deserts. Rham control the weapons and the slave trade. Masel control the drug trade. And Saph controls them all.

In the war for dominance, the only thing maintaining order is Saph’s team of deadly assassins led by prodigy Akai. She is a beautiful, headstrong young soldier who has exceeded all other trainees in every regard, with the exception of her sadistic mentor Qoss. While Akai is overwhelmingly the most popular agent at Saph, she is sheltered from the others and something of a loner. As she petitions for greater freedom, Saph’s ruler insists Akai prove herself first. As she sneaks off for a taste of real action, she uncovers a plot by the rival Rham syndicate to traffic weapons into the city of Taifa Major under Saph’s nose.

Is this Akai’s chance to prove herself or is she in way over her head? To what cost will her pride and impatience take her?

You can find out more about Kitaru on their homepage or the Kitaru kickstarter page.

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