Kickstarter Focus: GameTron 1000


This mad-cap adventure started with one simple question: can we create a game that randomly generates itself?

That is the question that started Mojo Bones latest game, GameTron 1000 – an ambitious (to say the least!) project for PC and mobile that essentially plans to randomly generates you a bite-sized game shelf. Mojo Bones have a £90,000 goal to reach to bring this brilliant looking pocket game generator to fruition and just for the fact it could give you many random generated reasons to play with your phone warrants a check out of the GameTron 1000 Kickstarter.

The team here at Mojo Bones will create a standalone game for iOS, Android and PC that provides a randomly generated experience at the push of a button. Yup, that’s right… platformers, scrolling-runners, balancing games, arena battles, collect-‘em-ups, slash-‘em-ups, boss fights, time trials: the list goes on!

Each bite-sized game will be generated using a simple reel system and will randomly select everything from characters, enemies and bosses to genres, objectives, collectables and environments.

One minute you could be platforming through the desert fighting off waves of zombie pigeons, next, you’re running away from a giant bug-eyed marshmallow monster with two minutes to toast him!

That’s the beauty of the GameTron. It’s silly, unpredictable – but most of all – fun.

To find out more, head over to the GameTron 1000 Kickstarter.

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