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School’s back but IndieRoyale have you covered with their latest bundle! The second IndieRoyale Back To School bundle features enough entertainment to keep you busy while you borrow the computer to do ‘homework’, which is always welcome.

The Back To School 2 Bundle is out! The latest collection of Indie Royale games is now live. This week’s bundle features six great indie titles ranging from airborne action via space tactics to arcade platform games. Three of these games have never been seen on PC before this bundle. There’s also an extra unannounced bonus game still to come.

Indie Royale

Indie Royale

Thunder Wolves, Stellar Impact, DIVO, 100% Orange Juice and Apple Jack 1 & 2 are in this week’s bundle. All the games are available for Windows. All via Desura except Thunder Wolves which is Steam only. Stellar Impact and DIVO are also on Steam. 100% Orange Juice and Apple Jack 1 & 2 are in Steam Greenlight seeking your support for a place on Steam.

100% Orange Juice and Apple Jack 1 & 2 are new releases on PC bought to you first by Indie Royale.

For the first 48 hours of the bundle, the bonus target is just $6 and you get the Chiptunes 2013 album from Indie Royale fans’ favorite: Darkman007.

This is Indie Royale’s 49th new bundle. We’ve got some exciting plans for our 50th one – The Golden Jubilee Bundle – so stay tuned for news from Indie Royale! You will definitely want to be signed up for this newsletter before that bundle starts so tell your friends!

Indie Royale

You can find more information on The Back To School 2 Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

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