IndieGameStand Goes Live


IndieGameStand, from the people that brought you indiegamemag,  has launched today. IndieGameStand is a new online retail platform specifically targeted for Indie games featuring a new indie game every 4 days at a discounted price.

As with all IndieGameStand featured games, Escape Goat customers get to decide how much to pay for the game. Those who beat the average price will get a free MP3 soundtrack, and anyone who pays a dollar or more receives a code to unlock the game on Desura. Developer MagicalTimeBean has selected the American Red Cross to receive 10% of the proceeds from this 96-hour sale.

With today’s Escape Goat offer, IndieGameStand kicks off a cycle that will restart every four days as another high-quality indie game takes the spotlight. The service aims to become a preferred platform for independent developers to promote their wares by providing unique ways to reach customers and build up a fanbase. In only two weeks, more than 12,000 gamers have registered with the service, and IndieGameStand is currently talking to 100+ developers about featuring their games.

IndieGameStand has launched with the brilliant Escape Goat, and as the plan with all IndieGameStand games, you pay-what-you-want for each featured game. To learn more about IndieGameStand and get Escape Goat for whatever you choose to pay, visit IndieGameStand’s next featured game will be revealed September 30, at 12:01am Eastern time (04:01 GMT).

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