IndieGala Mobile2 is Live!


Good news mobile fans, IndieGala Mobile 2 is Live!

6 amazing Android games, 2 Great Desura redeemable titles
and the ultra-cool little 8 bit Mario-esque platform game TinyPlumbers of Robot Loves Kitty!

Pay what you want for 3 Great Android games:
The Lost Souls, Battlegroup and Ichi !
Beat the average to get also:
Xelorians, Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land, Little Stars for Little Wars 2
Spin Deluxe, Cute Things Dying Violently and TinyPlumbers!

Finally, those who beat the average will get also a secret bonus EP and LSLW2 Dreaming-in-the-space original soundtrack!

And don’t forget! The average increases in the very first hours, so grab it now while the price is still low!

To grab those mobile (and PC\Mac) games and to grab the bundle, you can visit

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