INDIEGALA Colossus! Bundle



Pay what you want for 7.62mm and Talisman Prologue and 2 incredible Tech demos of Introversion software!

Add a minimum of $ 1,00 to unlock also Steam keys for Darwinia and Desura key for Talisman!

Pay more than the average to unlock also Steam keys for Multiwinia, Demigod, Uplink, DEFCON and Hearts Of Iron 3!
PLUS 1 SECRET Steam GAME and Other bonuses That will unlock in the 2nd week!

As quoted above, Ingie Gala are back with their latest bundle – the INDIEGALA Colossus! Bundle. Featuring a number of great games, with IndieGala’s pay-what-you-want payment scheme, with a number of games ‘unlocking’ at the fluctuating bonus.

You can also SUPPORT CHARITY donating to ABLEGAMERSor Help INDIEGALA PROJECT X. Use the sliders to donate!!

Click here to The IndieGala Colossus! Bundle before it expires!

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