Indiegala 9 unlocks everything!


The Indiegala’s 9th bundle is now fully unlocked and ‘on sale’ for $4.99 to unlock all its content.

NDIEGALA  bundle added to its already awesome lineup the awesome Smooth Operators – Indiegala Edition the addicting callcenter sim game with incredible depth!
This is a Special Indiegala edition featuring Indiegala s.r.l. as one of the companies of the game!

Plus we added the magic F-77 records Chinese Dance Machine album and Memories track!
IG Bundle 9 includes now 12 games ( 9 on Steam ) and awesome music and get the full :pack is only $4.99 in this moment!

And it is not over! GALASTORE releases 11 brand new titles today, including Painkiller brand, Spellforce and many others!

As mentioned in the above press release, the stand out for the unlockables is the action packed callcenter sim (Ok, maybe not action packed, but still very good!) Smooth Operators – Which has been specially branded for the occasion with Indiegala s.r.l featuring as one of the companies in the game (So you can spend hours messing with their virtual employees if you wish!). Head over to for the latest, or vote over at Steam to get Smooth Operators greenlit.

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