Indiegala 8


The great bundles always come at once (and always near pay day!) to suck up all your disposable income while you have it. It’s going towards a good cause though, and you get some great games out of it so you can’t complain.

INDIEGALA 8 is Here!

9 Great games and secret bonuses to blow your mind this summer!
Pay what you want for Dangerous Waters, Battle Mages: SoD, Sentinel 3 and Superstars V8 racing !
Beat the Average For the incredible Ghost Master, Dark Fall: LS,  Achtung Panzer: O.S., Space Empires V and Sacred Gold ( includes complete Sacred box )
Plus, don’t forget that bonuses will unlock in week 2 for everyone who BTA now!
Bundle buyers can also benefit the Able Gamers Charity and donate also to sustain Emilia Romagna hit by an earthquake.
Getting this bunch of Great games would normally cost more than $150, but Indiegala lets you set the price!
So what are you waiting for?
Click here and get your bundle now before expires!

As always with Indiegala, it’s a pay what you want payment scheme, with some bonus’ available for those who beat the average. Well worth checking out for!

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