IndieFort Bundle 3


The IndieFort Bundle is back with their third bundle, this time incorporating the purchase scheme that Build-A-Bundle uses. Essentially, you choose how many games you’d like in the bundle, and the price adjusts accordingly. The prices are: 3 Games – £2.49, 6 Games – £4.49 and 9 Games for £6.49.

Mix and Create

Get into the indie swing of things over the next three weeks – mix and match to create your very own bundle!

Vote for your favorite in the IndieFort Championship!

On 21st of September voting will begin! Help us crown the three best indie games of the IndieFort Championship by voting on you favorite. The top three games will be included in the ULTIMATE INDIEFORT PACK which will be sold for only $3. Yes, that´s $3 for three awesome indie games! And as a bonus, the bundle will also include a *Maximized Void Slot(
*Void is only available in North America and Scandinavia

You can also donate extra money to the developers. The sum will go straight into their pockets. If you want to chat or have any questions, let us know via Twitter, @alexpoysky (the indie pr guru himself!) or @gamersgate (that’s us!)

There’s a massive 24 games to choose from, so if interested, head over to Gamersgate to get started!

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