Indie Royale’s Oktoberfest Bundle


Indie Royale’s back with their Oktoberfest Bundle and as always, it’s certainly worth checking out.

Signal the twelve gun salute and tap the keg! Purchase Indie Royale‘s Oktoberfest Bundle to grab a bundle filled with six great indie games, led by Telltale’s and Straandlooper’s twisted point and click adventure: ‘Hector: Badge of Carnage’ (all 3 episodes!) – let the games begin!

First up is an edgy adult-themed point and click adventure from The Walking Dead developer Telltale Games and Straandlooper: Hector: Badge of Carnage Trilogy (all three episodes for Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free). Adventure Gamers says of Hector, it’s “just what the doctor ordered, even if that doctor is almost certainly facing a malpractice suit for sending us into such a germ-ridden locale.”

Also included is Philip Glass and Moby-soundtracked musical puzzle game Chime from Doublesix Digital Publishing (Windows on Steam); a puzzle platformer with a rotation/time-shift mechanic from Smudged Cat Games that’s about a googly-eyed vampire: Adventures of Shuggy (Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free); a 1920s-set puzzle adventure game celebrated by GamesRadar for being “clever, original and genuinely pleasing to play” from Mousechief, Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble (Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-Free); a graphical interactive fiction/bonus game also from Mousechief, The Witch’s Yarn (Windows and Mac on Desura and DRM-Free); and a pumpin’ retro style shooter from AquaFox The Network (Windows on Desura and DRM-Free).

And for those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Oktoberfest Bundle will get two great chiptune music albums from SAVESTATES: ‘Calm Your Nerves’ and ‘Chip unDeath’.

To find out more about the games involved and to grab the bundle, head over to

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