Indie Royale Xmas 2.0 Indie Bundle



Indie Royale are back with their latest bundle, adequately named the Xmas 2.0 Bundle. As always, Indie Royale work on a beat the minimum or anything above payment scheme and the bundle’s full of some fantastic games.

The holidays are here already, and Christmas is just around the corner! Looking for a distraction to keep you busy while visiting the relatives or maybe a last-minute gift on the cheap? Look no further than the Xmas Bundle 2.0 from Indie Royale – filled with seven great games that will appeal to just about anyone.

First up in this holiday bundle is devious platform-puzzler from Finn Morgan, Colour Bind (Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free). IGN says of Colour Bind: “[t]here’s an abundance of clever ideas at play in this undeniably creative 2D physics puzzle platformer”.

Also featured in the Xmas Bundle 2.0 are a well-designed and cute platformer from Kyle Pulver (co-developer of Snapshot and Bonesaw: The Game) Offspring Fling! (Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-free); an adorable yet genuinely funny point and click adventure Puzzle Bots from Lively Ivy and Resonance/Blackwell Legacy creator Wadjet Eye Games (Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free); two of Serious Sam’s recent indie spinoffs from rogue micropublisher Devolver Digital: Serious Sam Double D developed by Mommy’s Best Games and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter developed by Vlambeer (Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free); and a turn based strategy land grab game Little Kingdom from Andreil Game, (Windows on Desura and DRM-free).

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