Indie Royale: The Haloween Bundle


Indie Royale are back with another cracking bundle, The Haloween Bundle – offering some fantastic games with their usual pricing structure.

It’s that time of year for scary monsters, crazy costumes and Halloween fun! Why not celebrate this ghoulish holiday with a line-up of spooky games that are sure to keep you up at night in Indie Royale’s Halloween Bundle? Included in this creepy bundle is the full five-episode season of Telltale Games’ spooky Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse; an exceedingly disturbing horror adventure, Home; a macabre first-person adventure game from cult developer Ice Pick Lodge Pathologic, and much more!

Indie Royale

The first game in this spooky bundle is the full 5-episode season of Telltale Games’ graphically rich, imaginative adventure Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (Windows and Mac on Steam). 1UP calls Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse a “better-looking, and — most importantly — better-playing adventure game.” And according to IGN, the “storytelling is well executed and the twists and turns are fun to experience. If you’re looking for an adventure game that packs a lot of humor, interesting puzzles and psychic powers together in a Twilight-zone/science-fiction skin, you should give ‘Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse’ a try.”

Also featured is chilling psychological side-scrolling horror adventure game from Benjamin Rivers, Home, (Windows on Steam, Desura and DRM-free); a cult first-person adventure/action game that will chill you to the bone, Pathologic from Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge, (Windows on Desura and DRM-free); a comedy-puzzle-adventure about a werewolf, MacGuffin’s Curse from Brawsome (Windows and Mac on Steam, Desura and DRM-free); and a retro action RPG where you get to play the villain from Chaosoft Games, EvilQuest, (Windows on Desura and DRM-free). The top purchaser for this bundle will also get the sold out physical Old-School Collector’s Edition for Home which includes a map, game manual and game-universe artifacts.

Finally, those who pay $8 USD or their currency equivalent during the Halloween Bundle will get a .FLAC/.MP3 album ($5 value!) that offers a fascinating blend of progressive rock and chiptune music from C-jeff: ‘Preschtale’.

Head over to now to grab the Fall Bundle!

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