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Indie Royale are back with their latest bundle; The Evolved Bundle. Featuring a number of great games and as always, using Indie Royale’s beat the minimum requirement purchase plan.

First up is the tricky, award winning, puzzle adventure game Unmechanical, available for Windows on Steam, Desura & DRM-free. It was developed by Talawa Games and is offered thanks to Teotl Studios. Unmechanical was only released in August 2012. You will explore an atmospheric world of flesh, rock & steel, journeying to freedom through a variety of puzzles with some very difficult challenges later in the game. Rock, Paper Shotgun called it “a near-perfect morsel of puzzling brilliance”.

The other great games in the Evolved Bundle are an atmospheric horror game from Tale of Tales, The Path, (Windows on Steam, Desura & DRM-Free, with a Mac version and the OST); last June’s squad based dungeon game, Krater from Fatshark, (Windows on Steam) including the character DLC; the full game of the IGF China 2010’s winner, Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory from Turtle Cream (Windows on Steam, Desura & DRM-Free plus the OST) also released last year; and an intricate scrolling puzzler, OIO: The Game from Uncanny Games, (Windows from Desura & DRM-Free, with a Mac version and currently in Steam Greenlight).

For $8 USD or more (or your currency equivalent) you will get an ambient electronic treat from Tim Wright of CoLD SToRAGE, the recently released ‘SLIPSTREAM [volume 1]’. The album features 64 bit digital re-mix / re-masters of Tim’s tracks from WipEout and WipEout 2097.

You can find more information on the Evolved Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, on its official website or via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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