Indie Game Bundle: The Indie Gala III


The games included in the package are Trapped Dead by Crenetic, Greed: Black Border by Clockstone Studio, and Future Wars by Radon Labs, with Grotesque Tactics by Silent Dreams, Twin Sector by Dns Development available as incentives to customers who pay more than the current average of $4.86 and Flatout by Bugbear Entertainment and Gear Grinder by TARGEM GAMES as bonus games.

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Gives fans of indie games and indie music a chance to save money on awesome games and albums and contribute to a good cause at the same time!

We believe that there is a close link between music, video games and comics.They are all forms of art that often complement each other.

With our initiative we want to give many talented developers and artists the opportunity to have a wider audience.

The Indie Gala III bundle can be purchased from using a Pay What You Want price structure.

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