iControlPad 2 Kickstarter


Between 2009 and 2011 we developed, prototyped and brought to market the iControlPad; a unique controller which connected to phones to play games.

Now we want to go one better; a programmable, open-source, Bluetooth, super-compact controller with a keyboard that you can use on almost any tech device.

The team behind the first iControlPad (and the fantastic Pandora), have opened a kickstarter project for the iControlPad2. Boasting a full QWERTY keyboard, 14 hours of constant use battery and with it being a fully user programmable microcontroller, running open-source software – There’s certainly an improvement over the previous iControlPad – Pandora owners can even get to grips with their handhelds successor controls, as the iControlPad2 will hopefully act as the basis of the Pandora 2 controls.

The iControlPad2 is not tied to phones or tablets. It is designed to be used with anything from your Raspberry Pi, Dev-board or USB Stick computer, to Robots, hobby projects, PC, Mac, bare PCBs/Motherboards, set-top boxes and anything else with Bluetooth.

If you do use it with your phone, it can attach via a swivel-holder for comfort, and is easily stowed when you take calls – as the battery lasts for 12-14 hours it’s a great portable controller.

And it’s open source. So if it does not do what you want, you add your own commands/protocols, or download ones made by other users.

To find out more about the project and get your pledge down, head over to the iControlPad2 kickstarter page.

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