Humble Bundle (For Android) 3!


It’s always good to know that mobile users aren’t left out the indie bundle shenanigans and particularly always nice to hear a new Humble Bundle’s out. The Humble Bundle For Android 3 is just out and, as always, features a selection of fantastic games with a pay-what-you-want price. Don’t let the Android mention put you off however, as each game is compatible with PC, Mac & Linux as well as being steam redeemable. Everybody wins!

We’re back and we brought some friends with us. Meet these five incredible cross-platform games, available now in the Humble Bundle for Android #3! (And Windows, Mac, and Linux!)

Pay-what-you-want for these grand titles: BIT.TRIP BEAT, Fieldrunners, SpaceChem, and Uplink (tablets only)! And if you beat the average price, you also get the beautiful puzzle-platformer Spirits (debuting on Windows)!

Purchasing the bundle gets you instant access to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android versions of all the games, many of which are making their Android and Linux debut! All the games are DRM-free, and you can redeem them on Steam as well. You can also donate a portion of your purchase to vital non-profits: the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Don’t let the phone fool you, these games work great on Mac, Windows, and Linux and are redeemable on Steam and the Ubuntu Software Center as well! As a bonus, all of the soundtracks to the games are included in both MP3 and FLAC format.

If you like the sound of the games and want to purchase them (while supporting charity), or just want to find out more you can head over to The Humble Bundle for Android #3. Please note that the bundle will only be available for 14 days, so visit the site now and pick up this cross-platform bundle!

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