Groupees: Build A Greenlight Bundle



A really good idea from Groupees with their latest: Build A Greenlight Bundle. Following the same method of their previous build a bundle bundles where you select the games you want and the price adjusts accordingly – the Build A Greenlight bundle offers the additional incentive of giving you the steam keys once the games are greenlit by Steam. This will hopefully give a lot of much needed publicity to the games involved which will certainly raise their chances of getting greenlit.

Build A Greenlight Bundle! A FREE BONUS of games, music & comics unlocked every day! Create Your Custom Game Bundle, choose from 9 games, And once they get Greenlit on Steam, everyone gets free Steam keys! Choose from: Beware Planet Earth (PC), Millenium:  A New Hope (PC), Recruits (PC/ MAC), Private Infiltrator (PC/ MAC), Wooden Sen’sey (PC/ MAC), Eryi’s Action (PC), Salvation Prophecy (PC), I Shall Remain (PC), Oozi: Earth Adventure (PC) All Games DESURA & DRM FREE. One Free Bonus unlocked every day! Makes an awesome holiday gift!  Like, Share, Spread the word and #MakeGreatHappen. Get it HERE

As mentioned above, with the festive spirit in mind a new bonus is unlocked every day, so worth getting involved! To find out more about the games and to purchase the bundle, head over to Groupees.

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