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This is a review for the highly anticipated new game from Wadjeteye, A Golden Wake. Set the glitz and glamour of the twenties in Coral Cables, Florida, a Golden Wake follows Alfie Banks whose ambition is to strike it rich, in the booming real estate market.   But things are not easy for Alfie whose has to battle through the mob, hurricanes and the great depression. Based on actual events you play through Alfie’s journey to reach it to the top.

Typical for Wadjeteye, this game is a point and click game with logic puzzles throughout. Wadjeteye have got this style of game down to a tee, the point and click is effortless with logic puzzles being challenging without seeming irrational.

The plot throughout A Golden Wake is based on true events so it is hard to comment on the plot itself although Wadjeteye did a good job of bringing the true events back to life in a game form. The plot keeps the players engrossed although at some points it was hard to see where the game was going and where Alfie would end up.

As the game is based on true events, to make choices in the game would have very limited consequence. Whilst Wadjeteye has tried to incorporate choice elements, it is apparent it does not seem to matter which choice you pick, the game will follow a certain path.

There are a few mini games within the game, the main one being persuasion in which you have a multiple choice selection to persuade someone and you have several multiple choice options throughout the conversation. Whilst this did add to the game, I did find them quite hard to get right and you do only get one chance to get it right. The mini games were fun however and I would have liked to have seen more in the game.

At the end of the game you do get character bio’s which inform the player how the characters journeys finished, you also see how the character depictions compares to the real life people. I liked this touch and it was interesting to see how the other characters stories finished in real life after the game ended.

Wadjeteye followers will recognise many of the voice actors within the game, and they do not fail to deliver in this latest instalment. The voices fit the characters well and convey the many emotions present in this game. The script is fabulous and each character is very well throughout and portrayed.

The music is very appropriately selected for the era the game is set within, it adds to the immersion of the 1920’s and together with the games visuals really makes the player feel as though they are there with Alfie seeing Coral Gables in Florida over a period of time.

The art style is typical of Wadjeteye and it suits this game very well. The animations whilst executed well can get tedious when you have seen them more times than you wish for. For example when you choose to locate to your sales office, it does take around 10 seconds to watch your car arrive, park and for Alfie to get out and stop walking. This did get irritating to watch after a while as it stops the game for the player and so I would advice to choose your location selections carefully.

The game took me around four hours to complete which seemed long enough to tell Alfie’s journey in a in depth and interesting way.

Overall A Golden Wake is a great addition to Wadjeteye and a pleasure to play. I do suggest all fans of this genre buy this game. My only criticism of the game, is that it lacks something. I have played all of Wadjeteye’s games and this one lacks the extra factor which pushes it from great to outstanding. Perhaps I have been spoilt by Wadgjeteye’s previous games whom I adore or perhaps Wadjeteye were slightly stunting in having to keep to the real life aspects of this story. At some points this game was hard going. Or perhaps I am being overly picky.

A cracking game although if you are on a limited budget I would recommend some of Wadjeteyes other games to this one.


4 / 5 stars     

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