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Coming this Autumn/Fall is a new adventure game from one of Creative-Gaming’s favourites, Wadjet Eye Games. Set in the 1920s-30s, the game explores the beginnings of the American city of Coral Gables. You get to play as Alfie Banks, a real-estate agent from New York, and attempt to strike it rich during the development boom. I was treated to very in depth preview of the game and this is what I found.

The art direction is fantastic, the pixel art looks very good and the animations all flow nicely. There are a variety of locations as well, from bakeries to offices to hotels to swamps, and each have been crafted with the utmost care.

The voice acting is very well done, none of the characters seem to be out of place. Although some may play on some stereotypical caricatures, they are still none the less of a very high quality. I did not get sick of or annoyed by any of the voices during my preview, which is more than can be said for some other games in this genre! The music is also incredibly well made, fitting to the current locations and quite true to the time period it is set in.

There are an assortment of tasks and ‘mini-games’ that feature throughout the game. Without going into spoiler territory, the large variety and good pacing of these games makes sure that you are not doing the same thing too often, while also not being bombarded with too many different things. The difficulty of the puzzles remains logical, although some require a lot more thoughts than others. The vast majority of the puzzles are trademark Wadjet Eye, so make for great ‘Aha!’ moments when you finally figure them out.

From what I played, the plot’s incredibly well written and can tangent into various scenarios. This adds to the re-playability of the game and certainly makes A Golden Wake stick out from others in the genre. While the surface plot may not be as traditionally exciting as some other Wadjet Eye games, it is based on the true story and characters that played a part in the town’s creation and development. I found it very interesting to later look them up on wikipedia and find out more about them. I am sure the City of Coral Gables very much appreciates the amount of research that went into this game.

Overall, I would say that A Golden Wake is shaping out to be a very well made adventure game, and certainly worth looking out for, especially should you be from the surrounding area or are interested in a different kind of adventure tale – one not based on a murder investigation or global conspiracy theory, but on the history of a city and the people behind it.  A Golden Wake is something you need to play this fall.

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